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We Proud to be the Best manufacturer of BeekeepingClothes.

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Quality is not inherited, but an outcome of year's long efforts, commitment and dedication. Having passed through the same phases, “CLOTHES & LEATHER GEARS” now proudly claim to be amongst the well know manufacturers and exporters of Clothes and Leather products in which Beekeeping Suits and Jackets in High quality materials with 100% Cotton, Mesh and PC.

The items mentioned on F.B PAGE @Clothesleather are produced in our nicely laid out production house under the supervision of qualified and trained technicians

according to the latest technology of developed countries. The work force is skilled, devoted and performs diligently to manufacture the products of highest quality, which reflects their mastery over craftsmanship.

CLOTHES & LEATHER GEARS believes that its customers are its assets, so the customer satisfaction is its prime objective and the reason for its existence. Owing to its deep concern for quality, CLOTHES & LEATHERS GEARS is committed to conform to the requirements of International Quality Standards.

We are in the business for several years and believe that we are your ultimate choice, since we have earned a name for our quality products. We offer you product warranty with guaranteed satisfaction.

Considering the above, try us out; intimate the products of your interest shown on our Facebook Page @Clothesleather so we may prove our worth quality-wise, price-wise and service wise.


Our Qualified Team and leadership gives the bright idea for new style and designs.

Tariq Mehmood
CEO & Founder

Kuwait Office

I will find this Since 1998. We are a leading manufacturer of Clothing items. Our best selling product of all time is Beekeeping Clothings.

Ahmed Tariq
General Manager

Ireland Office

With TwentyOne year of Superlative manufacturer of Beekeeping Clothing Supplier and have a great invitations in clothing supplies.

Fahad Tariq
General Manager

Pakistan Office

We warm welcome to all our Beekeepers Friends and Bee Shop/Store Keepers to get any kind of Bee Clothes From us at wholesale price.

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With a lot of new styles and huge range of colors, We are the one "How have a huge variety and long range of color", that was't found before in the market. Our designs and Perfect Stitching make the Beekeeping Suit more Stronger and give Protection from Bees.